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green eyes

omg you guyz!!!1 i totes failed with that 30 day thing, oops. no one even reads my blog any more so i have no idea why i am writing this :-( meh meh meh

so life's OK i guess, i dyed the ends of my hair green then had to re-dye all my hair brown as school said they'd suspend me if i didn't :o the cunts. i've also shaved the other side of my head so i look like a 'this is england 86' copy cat, even though i've wanted a mane of hair for ages, so whatever.

i've been to loads of my friends' gigs lately, i really really wish i was musical :-(

i went out last night and saw all my friends (minus hatty and sian who are in cornwall) which was so lovely and i love everyone loads and loads and i don't dislike any of them even though liam made me nearly cry at school with his 'banter' but whatever as things are all lovely between us now and he gave me one of his last cigarettes last night and rang me this morning, and i had missed chris so much omg! last night he was wearing this patterned round neck jumper with the collar of his polo shirt showing and like really nice trousers and boat shoes and he looked like he was from the drums. i hadn't seen lou for ages either, it was all so gr8. the highlight of my night was when we were all sitting around playing 'fuck your friend' or something like that and 'transmission' by joy division came on ronan's ipod and i was like, woot woot, hehe. oh, and ed has these amazing card tricks that actually blew my mind. charlez slept over at mine last night which was GUD. i don't even have a hangover as i drank all my drinks with mixers last night :') summer fruits squash, sprite zero, jacques and malibu is the nicest thing ever ok. i have nothing else to say, kind of regret the end of last night but whatever lolololooplololololol love that my life is a total cringe.

RIP green hair

day 01 - introduce yourself

i'm going to be horrendously annoying and do one of those '30 day challenge' things. sorry.

my name's isabella. most people call me bella. alex turner is the love of my life. my favourite band's arctic monkeys. my favourite author's bret easton ellis, whom i adore. i met him this summer, which was wonderful. i'm going to see carl barat on the 29th, i cannot wait!

i can't really think of anything else to write, ha.

here's a recent picture of me-

i've stripped all the colour out of my hair, so that's what it's like naturally. i am starting to quite like it, ha.

totally fine with people not be able to glasto. totally fine with them going to reading with people i don't know. totally fine with not being invited.

URGH. hate life, hate everyone. cept hatty.

can't wait for amelia's 18th next weekend, just gunna get really drunk and make a fool out of myself as usual. cool. lololoololololoollnjdfbadcdvdfav

omg whatever.


i'm so fucking happy at the moment. i got my GCSE results a while ago- A*A*AAAABBBCD and i was over the moon. let's be honest- the effort i put in was minimal and my revision was barely there, so i was amazed with my results. good timez. i then went off to canterbury for a few days with most of my best friends, that was so great. thinking about it makes me want to cry, i love them all loads. i then made the choice to change schools for sixth form. i have left most of my best friends at the girls' school i had attended for 5 years. i am now a student at an all boys' school, which allows girls for sixth form. there are 30 girls in my year and 200 boys. i know someone in all my lessons and changing school is proving to be the best decision i have ever made. i was so hateful at my old school, everyone was awfully bitchy and that all girls environment was awful. everyone is really lovely at my new school and they all seem to get along. i have met so many new people and all my teachers are great. i'm studying critical thinking, english literature, biology, history and statistics at AS. i used to loathe going to school, but now i really love it, ha! i feel like i have changed, even though i only started this week, i just feel genuinely happy. hope all your lives are going well too xxxxx